Saturday, 6 July 2013

West Finchley (home)

On a glorious Saturday West Finchley arrived in their smart blue and white and prepared with a cold beer. Muswell Hill having to draft in some late replacements.

Alfie (11) and Fred (9) bolstered the home side's ranks for the three triples.  Alfie and Fred couldn't play the whole match due to prior commitments and so Geraldine and David S had to play their bowls for the final few ends.
Alfie, David S and Roger M were teamed and after a tight tussle crept home with a slight advantage.

Noel, David L and Richard swapped single scores holding a small lead right through to the last few ends. Warren from West Finchley played to gain the lead going into the final end and Richard was unable to hold enough shots to tie and ended up losing by a single shot.

Fred, Geraldine and Johnny galloped off to an early lead but faded in the final furlong; they clung on to win by two shots.

As always, West Finchley were gracious in their defeat and the traditional tea was supplemented by a refreshing cold beer in the shade of the clubhouse. After Muswell Hill's two wins in succession this season, West Finchley will no doubt be bringing their big guns next time; lets hope that ours turn up to see them off again.