Saturday, 5 October 2013

Breaking News - Club Championship Final

Johnny and Richard came through the rounds to meet in the championship final.

Whilst Johnny had beaten both Paul and Keith on the tougher side of draw, Richard's recent form meant that this was going to be a tough match.

Johnny made a strong start to lead 11-3 and Richard looked to be down and out. Richard suddenly found his line and length to recover to an amazing 13-19 and things looked desperate for Johnny.

Johnny staged a late comeback that brought him back to a very winnable 16-19.

It was a tense finale; both players played some strong tactical shots and Johnny's aggressive bowling saved him from some large losses given Richard's stunning accuracy.

With the tea getting cold and the tension rising the final end went to Richard with an impressive display of bowling; Johnny was unable to reduce the count enough to save the match.

In a close match Richard emerged the well deserved winner and Johnny was a worthy runner-up.

Congratulations Richard - Muswell Hill Bowling Club Champion 2013.