Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bishopwood (away)

We managed to get 8 players out against Bishopwood. It was really heartening see this turn out, given that we had 9/10 other players unavailable.

In particular, It was very pleasing to see the effort and enthusiasm of three new players to the club, namely Mark, Dylan and Andreas. All played extremely well, with Dylan and Andreas kindly joining forces with Bishopwood players to complete a rink.

Mark only contacted us last week by e-mail and was on the green with myself and Andy playing against Bishopwood at 2.30 on Saturday! Mark has previously played for City of London Bowls Club and will be a real asset to the club.

Roger, Richard and Noel played impressively consistently to only drop two points. Roger said that the leads bowled so well he simply needed to protect their great bowling.

The scores were:
Richard, Noel and Roger C - 40:2 (+38)
Mark, Andy N and Johnny - xx:xx (-xx)