Friday, 13 June 2014

Andy N - 2013 Handicap Champion

On Friday evening the belated final of the 2013 Handicap Tournament was played at the club - between Paul C. & Andy N.

Paul went into an early lead, quickly making up his 4-shot handicap. Then Andy started a long fight back, ending with him winning 21-13.

Congratulations Andy. The game was followed by drinks in the clubhouse for players & spectators. Andy will now be ruing his good form and the consequent reduction in his 2014 handicap.

2014 Tournaments

Now we can move on to the 2014 tournaments. As in 2013, there'll be two tournaments - Singles & Singles Handicap.

A notice will be sent out to all playing members. This year the two tournaments will be completed by September.

We hope everyone will be able to play. The draws for the tournaments will be, as always random.